Ana Mumita

Host of Fusion Latina Wednesdays

Anthony Harris

Anthony has been following music in many of the venues in South Florida for more than twenty years: Elvin Jones in West Palm Beach, Wayne Shorter on Lincoln Road, Sonny Rollins and Nina Simone at the old Gusman , Arthur Barron and Hilton Ruiz at the Rose, and on and on. As a co-producer with Leo Casino, they produced Latin Meets Jazz at The Stephen Talkhouse on Miami Beach which featured Cachao, Dave Valentine, Potato Valdez, Ray Baretto, Johnny Pacheco, Johnny Conga and a host of Miami based Latin jazz artists. Events like these made an indelible mark on his appreciation, love and passion for the improvisational musical art form that has become known as JAZZ!

DJ Swanky

By day, Leah is an attorney who helps shape public policy for local government.

Ed Blanco

Originally from New York, moved down to Miami, Fla. in 1970. Returned to New York in 1980-81 for graduate studies then came back to Miami. He's been a jazz fan for thirty-five years. Began contributing to All About Jazz in 2005 and is member of the Jazz Journalist Association (JJA) and a regular contributor for eJazznews and Jazzreview.


Born in Jamaica and bred on his country’s music – reggae - since he was a boy during the 1960’s, Flagga brings a wealth of first-hand experiences to his audience. He’s from the ‘old school’ and believes firmly that to effectively promote reggae it must be presented in all its forms – ska, rock steady, roots, lovers rock, etc. What he tends to ignore are the quick profit fluffs that use rehashed rhythms, lewd and violent elements as a ploy.

Gene de Souza

The story of Café Brasil begins like all good stories -- that is, organically. Back in 2001 De Souza was selling insurance in South Florida, and that meant spending a lot of time on the road. To help get him through the interminable days, he tuned in to WDNA, where the jazz can cure just about ailment known to man, including traffic jams. One day the station had an open call for a radio personality specializing in Latin jazz. De Souza answered. It didn't matter that he hadn't been behind a radio console since college, or that he really wasn't that up on Latin jazz. He needed something more for his life, and this looked like it.

Howard L. Sorkin

Saturday 8pm-10pm

Howard Stone

Host of Arts Review

Joe Diaz

Sunday 8pm-11pm

John Dixon

John Dixon hails from Buffalo, New York and was turned on to jazz at an early age by his dad who would cranked up the volume while listening to jazz on WUFO. He received his undergraduate degree from John C. Smith University, in North Carolina, and his graduate degree in political science from Atlanta University.

John is an avid jazz fan with an extensive collection of music in his library. He’s done voice work for Cox Media Group, including WHQT (Hot 105) here in Miami, and has also substituted for our very Michael Valentine on a few occasions.

John has been living in Miami for over 30-years and is currently the Director of Miami-Dade County’s Economic Advocacy Trust.

Majica and Mano P

Majica and Mano, the driving force behind the popular local band "The Baboons," take you on a hot and meaty world tour of music every Sunday afternoon.

Margherita Lacapra

Meet ’The Score’, your weekly dose of the most iconic soundtracks and scores from film and TV. Each episode explores a theme within the context of film or TV paired with music and commentary to match. On air every other Wednesday from 11 AM to 12 PM.

Mel Lipton

Mel Lipton was born in New York City in 1933 and he was there through the 40's and 50's, hearing most of the jazz greats live at venues such as The Royal Roost, Birdland, and Bop City. He moved to Miami from Houston, Texas, and became affiliated with the station in 1995. Going from a business career to becoming a jazz DJ was an opportunity he only fantasized about as he was a great fan of legendary Symphony Sid and the other great DJ's. He's a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans.

Michael Valentine

Since childhood, Michael Valentine has been steeped in music. His father and grandfather were musicians, arrangers, and teachers. In high school, he was one of the first to carry around a now iconic Sony Walkman, a pair of headphones always decorating his brow as he wondered the halls.  Nights were spent recording radio shows for his fictional radio station, WHACK Radio. Those tapes are, unfortunately, lost to time!

Nadine Nunberg

Nadine Nunberg fuses her passion for music and commitment to Jewish culture on the airwaves at WDNA.

Rico de la Hoz

Hosting a show on WDNA is an honor and he aims to provide an engaging and entertaining show for all listeners while remaining true to the essence of Fusion Latina.

Russ Spiegel

Dr. Russell Spiegel is a commissioned composer and arranger as well as a highly respected international guitarist, bandleader, writer, musicologist, and award-winning sound engineer. He received his undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and continued his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He earned his master’s degree in jazz performance at the City College of NewYork and his doctorate in Jazz Composition at the University of Miami Frost School of Music as a Henry Mancini Institute Fellow.

Sammy Figueroa

Sammy Figueroa has long been regarded as one of the world's great musicians and band leaders. As one of the world's leading percussionists he has played on countless records, providing the rhythmical framework for hundreds of hits. Well-known for his versatility and professionalism, he is one of the few percussionists equally comfortable in a multitude of styles, from R & B to rock to pop to bebop to Latin to Brazilian to New Age.

Skip Lezama

Skippy Louis Lezama first started listening to jazz as a teenager growing up in his native Trinidad. Although not a very popular form of music on the radio then, there were several serious collectors of the music who were always willing to share and who could be found at the limited live performances of the few musicians engaged in that genre.

Moving to New York and living in Greenwich Village, literally a stone’s throw from the Village Gate and close to the Village Vanguard both in the West Village and Slugs in The East Village, where the best in the business would perform, he frequented these spots as well as the many others in the city. Being also a regular at the Fillmore East (East Village) Skippy got progressively more into Blues which saw a resurgence in the mid to late 60s and early 70s by many of the rock musicians who played at the Fillmore as well as the old masters who also played there.

Moving to San Francisco Bay area in the early 70s also provided him an opportunity to hear the best at the places like the Keystone Korner and the Fillmore West in the City as well as the different venues across the Bay in the smaller clubs in Oakland and Berkely.

Skippy finds great parallels between Steelpan and Calypso music and Jazz and Blues, which tell the story of a people from a historical socio-political context and which initially were the only “allowed” medium of expression for commentary on the problems within the society. Skippy, who moved to Miami in 1979 has only been a volunteer at WDNA since the mid 1990s He is also an avid collector of steelpan jazz and blues.


Tony Moss, a/k/a “Spectrum-T” (the DJ who packs a J.D.), is delighted to join the luminary cast of program hosts at WDNA--88.9. Who’d ever have thought a country boy from Tarboro, North Carolina, would ever have an opportunity like this!!

Tony C

As a host, Tony C brings years of firsthand experiences and knowledge to the Reggae Ride audience. His shows embodies all the elements fans crave and includes the various subgenres of the artform.

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