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When you donate $60 or more, you receive a WDNA member card with Member Benefits.

In addition to supporting your favorite programs, joining our membership family entitles you to savings with WDNA’s Community Partners. These are local businesses who also value and support community radio. These benefits are custom tailored for WDNA members and cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

WDNA Members also receive discounted tickets to the Jazz Encounters Concert Series.

Discounts with Community Partners

Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen logo, a partner of WDNA 88.9FM offering discounts to members.

Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen

10% discount with valid WDNA membership card

WDNA members can enjoy a 10% discount at Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen, Miami’s premier Aussie-inspired brew pub, where craft beer meets vibrant local flavors in a family-friendly outdoor plaza. This unique culinary spot brings the spirit of Australia to the heart of Miami, offering WDNA members an exclusive taste of its vibrant and flavor-packed cuisine.

Bay 13 is not just a brewery; it’s Miami’s first Australian-inspired brew pub where the art of craft beer is celebrated. Each sip is a journey through meticulously selected hops and local ingredients, resulting in a symphony of flavors that resonate with the diverse palate of Miami. Indulge in a cuisine that bursts with flavor, blending the freshest local produce with Australian inspiration.

From the heart of the kitchen to your table, every dish is a testament to Bay 13’s commitment to quality and creativity. Whether you’re looking to unwind with family and friends or make new connections, Bay 13’s outdoor plaza provides the perfect backdrop. It’s a kid-friendly haven that invites you to relax and savor the moment amidst the bustling city life.

As a WDNA member, you’re entitled to a special treat. Flash your valid membership card and enjoy a 10% discount on your full tab at Bay 13, excluding Happy Hour specials. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting community radio and the local businesses that make our area unique.

By visiting Bay 13, you not only get to experience a tapestry of tastes but also support the partners who give back to the community. Remember, your patronage helps sustain the music, culture, and spirit of WDNA 88.9FM. So, next time you crave a craft beer with a side of Aussie charm, head over to Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen. Cheers to good times and great discounts!

65 Alhambra Plaza, Coral Gables, FL 33134
(786) 452-0935

Meat n’ Bone

10% discount with the code:  WDNAMEAT10

Meat N’ Bone empowers consumers to access premium meats previously available only to chefs from high end purveyors. We sell more than 350 premium quality staples – individually packed from the best programs in the US, Australia, Japan and Spain. We focus on G1 Certified USDA Choice and Prime beef sourced from Midwestern farms, Wagyu-Angus Cross Beef (Prime+), Japanese Wagyu A5, from the prefecture of Miyazaki, Japan. We also offer premium Dry Aged Steaks, including alcohol infused steaks (rum, whisky, gin) as well as Grass-Fed steaks.

2229 Coral Way. Miami, FL 33145
(877) 448-6328

The Wagyu Bar

10% discount on Lunch Options

The Wagyu Bar (by Meat N’ Bone) is not your typical steakhouse. Most steakhouses are all smoke and mirrors. Multi-million dollar build-outs, fancy service, wooden chairs but cheap meat. They shy away from disclosing beef programs and even beef grading. The Wagyu Bar is a casual steakhouse with a focus on the actual steak. No Smoke, No Mirrors, Just Meat N’ Bone.

2257 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145
(786) 579-2498

The Fish House Miami

10% discount

From snow crab legs and shrimp po’boys to authentic Peruvian cebiche and the freshest sashimi, our kitchen brings the diverse flavors of the ocean directly to your palate and will save you a trip to the shore. Centrally located in Miami, The Fish House has tantalized our guests with the freshest, highest quality seafood that South Florida has to offer since January 8, 1996. This Peruvian/Cuban mom ‘n pop combo has inspired a menu that satisfies all of your seafood cravings. With the recent addition of our sushi bar, we take our dining experience to new heights with his own signature sushi rolls and poké bowls.

10000 SW 56 St., Miami, FL 33165
(305) 595-8453

Logo of Jass Kitchen featuring a stylized saxophone intertwined with a fork, representing a Mediterranean jazz house, in gold outline against a black background. Use Code WDNA in the comments for a free dessert or drink of your choice. Book on Open Table dot com forward slash r forward slash Jass dash kitchen dash miami.

Jass Kitchen Miami

Complimentary Dessert/Drink with the code:  WDNA

Step into the rhythmic heart of Miami’s Design District with Jass Kitchen, where the heritage of Turkish gastronomy is artfully blended with the enchanting world of jazz. Under the culinary direction of Chef Jass, their menu transports you to the Mediterranean with authentic recipes that have been treasured through generations. As a dynamic live music venue, Jass Kitchen offers an eclectic lineup of performances every day, celebrating genres from jazz and world music to folk, oriental, Turkish, and Latin beats. They’re not just a restaurant; they’re a sanctuary for food enthusiasts, music aficionados, and everyone in between. Join them at Jass Kitchen for an immersive experience of delectable food, captivating music, and the spirit of community. Please use code “WDNA” when booking reservations on Open Table or phone, for a complimentary dessert or drink of your choice.

190 NE 46th St., Miami, FL 33137
(305) 603-8748

Beehive Natural Foods

10% discount on all Vitamins and Supplements

Beehive Natural Foods is a one stop shop for both the health-conscious and for those who just want organic yet delicious foods to nibble on. For almost 34 years, Beehive Natural Foods had been serving the people of Miami with healthy foods, organic juices and smoothies, food supplements, and other natural products all prepared and served with the highest quality and biggest smiles from its friendly crew and staff.

6490 SW 40 St, Miami, FL 33155
(305) 666-3360

Illustration of a person relaxing during an acupuncture session, symbolizing the wellness services offered by Miami Acupuncture and Herbal Solutions in partnership with WDNA.

Miami Acupuncture and Herbal Solutions

20% discount on all services for first visit or first package purchase

At Miami Acupuncture and Herbal Solutions, we treat health like jazz: it’s a rhythm, and when it all fits you feel that groove. We extend a warm invitation to all WDNA members to share the heals with acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, facial rejuvenation and more. Our treatments are personalized, compassionate and comprehensive. Proudly partnering with the home of serious jazz, we’re delighted to offer an exclusive 20% discount to WDNA members seeking to hit their stride. Members can embrace this unique offer by visiting or calling (786) 514-3942. Find your groove with Miami Acupuncture and Herbal Solutions and WDNA, the union of health and harmony.

9719 South Dixie Highway, Suite 1, Pinecrest, FL 33156
(786) 514-3942

Musicians Discount Center

10% discount

Since 1987, Musicians Discount Center has been provided exceptional quality services and products to the student and professional community. Our services include: band instrument and professional sound equipment rentals, rent-to-own program, instrument and amp repairs, music lessons for students and adults and the sale of new and used instruments. We also have an extensive vinyl collection and invite you to come in and browse.

19405 S. Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33157
(305) 255-9466

Yesterday & Today Records

10% discount

South Florida’s oldest independent record store celebrating over 40 years! We specialize in new and used domestic/import recordings. We also carry 8 tracks, cassettes, open reels, laser discs, books, magazines, t-shirts, record cleaning products, and misc. memorabilia. You’ll find all types of music which includes rock, pop, garage, psychedelic, audiophile, progressive, blues, jazz, R&B, soul, funk, metal, punk, alternative, experimental, dance, disco, folk, soundtracks, big band, reggae, surf, instrumentals, gospel, exotica, Latin, world music, vocals, rockabilly, country, comedy, mod, children’s, and more.

9274 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165
(305) 554-1020

VP Records

10% discount

VP Records, based in Jamaica, Queens in New York City, is a pioneering force in the reggae music industry. From reggae to dancehall and soca, VP Records is the only record label that represents the full spectrum of Caribbean music. For over 30 years, VP has stayed true to its roots, always serving its core audience first while moving swiftly to keep up with the sounds of the street.

6022 SW 21 St., Miramar, FL 33022
(954) 966-4744

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