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December 8, 2023

Album Release postcard for Lemon City Trio. Lemon City Trio LIVE! at the Koubek Center on December 8. Koubek Center is excited to announce DISC-COVER @ Koubek, a new program that spotlights new musical releases by homegrown artists. The Koubek will partner with local artists throughout the year by hosting concerts highlighting the exciting new music being released in our Magic City! Postcards is a rocking, symphonic sophomore album from Miami-based Lemon City Trio. Nick Tannura (guitar), Brian Robertson (synth/keys), and Aaron Glueckauf (drums) bring a lot to the table. Tannura plays lead lines with the presence of a vocalist. Robertson arranges with the touch of a film composer — he is one — broadening the instrumentation while always keeping the song laser focused on melody. Glueckauf, meanwhile, is a human beat machine, the tasty backbone of everything else happening in the music. Progressive rock, jazz fusion, contemporary Saharan music, the aforementioned hip hop and funk — the name Postcards is a reference to visiting all these musical destinations, stopping for a spell in each and sending something back home. What makes LCT cool is their ability to go to all these disparate places and always sound like themselves in the process. The album release concert will feature Brian Potts (founder Miamibloco). WDNA is Jazz in Miami, Florida. WDNA is Jazz in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. WDNA is Jazz in the Palm Beaches and the Florida Keys. WDNA 88.9FM Serious Jazz Local Community Public Radio.

Koubek Center | December 8

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